image:rng_wolf_ring.png Will grant +40 to Poise when worn. Basically, it allows you to take a harder hit before losing your balance. Once you stagger from a hit it takes a moment to regain your balance and in the heat of a fight, these few seconds can make a big difference.


In the secret area in Darkroot Garden, up a long winding tunnel. Towards the end of this tunnel is a Giant Stone Knight. Just past this Knight is the ring.

It is possible to jump across the gap from where the Wolf Ring is found to the main path. You do not need to head all the way back.

A Sorcerer Class player attacking some Demonic Foliage at the start of Darkroot Garden. To left of this battle is the Wolf Ring, but also a large fall. To reach the Wolf Ring, you need to go long way, to the right and down, then back up.
credit: From Software
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