image:wpn_washing_pole_tran.pngAs far as Katanas go, this one is a little different. It is huge, does as much (base level) damage as the Uchigatana, but is slower and scales across Strength and Dexterity at a lower level (D instead of B). It even has lower Durability.

While any Normal +10 Katana can be converted into the Chaos Blade, the Iaito is a better choice than the Washing Pole.

How to get one

You need to join the Forest Hunter Covenant, then talk to Shiva of the East in Darkroot Garden. He will not sell the weapon here, but this is a required step. After this, travel to Blighttown and locate Shiva near the bottom of the waterwheel lift. Here, he will sell you the Washing Pole for 20,000 Souls. You must still be a member of the Forest Hunter Covenant.

Washing Pole, the oddball Katana.
Weapon Statistics

Base level:

Difference at +15 (Normal) :

Weapon statistics at full ascension
All upgrade paths include 300 Bleed.
Ascension Attributes Notes
image:try_Strongest_Weapon.png Standard (+15) 225 (Phys)
Bonus: D (Strg), C (Dex)
Can be Enchanted
image:try_Raw_Weapon.png Raw (+5) 208 (Phys)
Bonus: D (Strg), D (Dex)
Can be Enchanted
image:try_Divine_Weapon.png Divine (+10) 152 (Phys), 185 (Mgic)
Bonus: E (Strg), D (Dex), C (Faith)
Adds 110 Holy damage.
image:try_Occult_Weapon.png Occult (+5) 161 (Phys), 170 (Mgic)
Bonus: E (Strg), D (Dex), B (Faith)
Adds 110 Dark damage, Holy damage is removed.
image:try_Magic_Weapon.png Magic (+10) 170 (Phys), 182 (Mgic)
Bonus: D (Dex), C (Intel)
image:try_Enchanted_Weapon.png Enchanted (+5) 163 (Phys), 167 (Mgic)
Bonus: E (Dex), A (Intel)
Lower base damage than Magic weapon, but much higher stat bonus on Intelligence.
image:try_Fire_Weapon.png Fire (+10) 252 (Phys), 252 (Fire)
Bonus: All removed
image:try_Chaos_Weapon.png Chaos (+5) 195 (Phys), 225 (Fire)
236 (Phys), 272 (Fire)
Bonus: Humanity
Damage scales with Humanity up to 10. Values shown at 0 and 10 Humanity.
image:try_Lightning_Weapon.png Lightning (+5) 247 (Phys), 252 (Lght)
Bonus: All removed
image:try_Crystal_Weapon.png Crystal (+5) 243 (Phys)
Bonus: D (Strg), C (Dex)
Durability reduced to 6 (1/10 the original). Can not be repaired.
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