A linking section between New Londo Ruins, Blighttown and Darkroot Basin. The area is almost totally a cliff side path and the odd bridge. The only enemies are an Undead Dragon and a number of Drakes.

In detail

To enter the Valley, you will need to have visited either Blighttown or found the lower cave with a Bonfire in Darkroot Basin. If you have the Key to New Londo Ruins or the Master Key you can enter from New Londo Ruins, near the lift from Firelink Shrine. A second entrance from New Londo Ruins is available after you have released the water.

You can pass the Undead Dragon without a fight so long as do not go for the Dragon Crest Shield or Astora's Straight Sword.

The Drakes can be picked off with a good Bow (like a +14 Bow) and about 6 to 10 arrows. Poison Arrows will work on both the Dragon and the Drakes, if you have the time to wait or no decent range attack.

The Red Tearstone Ring is located at the top of a ladder outside the floodgate of New Londo Ruins.

A lift to Darkroot Basin is behind the left side of the cave-in section opposite the stone bridge.

The Witch Armor Set and Beatrice's Catalyst will appear on the cliff side opposite the Undead Dragon once you have defeated The Four Kings.

The Undead Dragon in the Painted World of Ariamis. The other Undead Dragon in Valley of Drakes is not as active.
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In general:

After defeating The Four Kings:

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