Undead Burg is the location most people visit after landing in Lordran and having a look around Firelink Shrine. You can first enter Undead Burg via the bridge (it is in fact an Aqueduct) you can see from the Firelink Shrine Bonfire. Just head towards it and follow the path. As you progress through the game other entrances will open up.

Undead Burg is really two areas, an upper and a lower. The lower area is only accessible if you have the Master Key or the Basement Key.

In Detail, Upper Area

The Undead Male Merchant and the Undead Burg Bonfire are located a short distance from the Aqueduct. The Merchant sells a number of items, of note are the Residence Key, Heater Shield, Short Bow, Bottomless Box and Repairbox. If killed, he will drop Residence Key, Humanity, Orange Guidance Soapstone and the Uchigatana.

A Black Knight guards the Blue Tearstone Ring.

If you have the Master Key or the Watchtower Basement Key, you can open the door in the Watchtower, which leads down to Havel the Rock (and Havel's Ring if defeated) and Darkroot Basin.

Up the Watchtower you may find a Crystal Lizard in one of the barrels near a Fog Gate. Through the Fog Gate you will encounter the Taurus Demon.

Solaire of Astora can be found before you head out onto the bridge, looking at the Sun. He will talk about jolly co-operation and give you a White Sign Soapstone if you answer yes. Nearby is another locked door. This one leads to the lower area of the Undead Burg, but you need the Basement Key from the Undead Parish to enter.

On the bridge is the Hellkite Wyvern, run down the right hand side, down the stairs and down some more stairs. Knock down the ladder and you will have a shortcut from the Bonfire. Shoot the tail of Hellkite Wyvern from the area between Bonfire and Wyvern and (eventually) you will be granted the Drake Sword.

Head along under the Wyvern to enter the Undead Parish.

In Detail, Lower Area

With the Basement Key from the Undead Parish you can unlock the door on the bridge near Solaire of Astora. Head down the long ladder (PS3 Tip: Press O while on the ladder). Once outside, head up the stairs on the right and open the shortcut to the Bonfire.

Undead Attack Dogs and Undead Assassins roam the lower area as well as a gang of Hollows. By themselves, they are easy pickings but in groups can be a little tricky. A Thief Armour set can be found in one of the rooms.

If you have the Residence Key, you can also unlock Griggs of Vinheim from a locked room and pick up a Sorcerer Armour set at the same time.

At the end of the lane is a Fog Gate to the Capra Demon (drops Key to Depths) and two more Undead Attack Dogs.

Below the Fog Gate is a short lane that leads to Depths and to a tower. The entrance in the tower will take you to the Undead Female Merchant and the aqueduct that heads back to Firelink Shrine. The Undead Female sells a number of useful items such as Poison Arrows and Prism Stones.

Hellkite Wyvern on the top bridge in the Undead Burg.
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Undead Burg lane. Early developer screenshot. No Undead Soldiers roam this area in the final game.
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