Something a little unusual, even for Dark Souls, until you die a few times that is. The Great Hollow is pretty much a slow descent to Ash Lake through the hollow of a huge tree. You need to pick your path down via the internal roots. Along the way you will encounter Basilisks, many Crystal Lizards and Mushroom People, both small and large, but no area Demon.

A single Bonfire is located at the top of the hollow. The Cloranthy Ring is located near the top, within the central shaft.

If you reach the bottom and want to get back out you can either Warp (if you have collected the Lordvessel) at the Bonfire at the start of Ash Lake or climb out. There are a number of ladders but they are a little hidden. The root system at few points looks impossible to progress, but it is possible.

Prism Stones are useful if you are unsure how safe the drop is between roots.

The Entrance Point

Standing at the poison swamp Bonfire at the bottom of Blighttown, looking at the swamp, the path to the entrance is to your far left; head that way. You will find a tree root that enters the swamp and three Giant Leeches. Up the root and near a corpse is an illusionary wall - hit to the left to find it. Through the new path is a chest with another illusionary wall behind it. Further along you will locate a Bonfire at the top of the Great Hollow.

Looking up The Great Hollow. It is possible to navigate this tangle, just watch your step.
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