image:sol_Soul_of_a_Hero.png There are six Soul of a Hero Lost Souls that can be obtained per play through.

Each will grant you 10,000 Souls when consumed. There is no other use for them, but you could feed a Soul of a Hero to Kingseeker Frampt, but you will only receive 500 Souls in return - so not really an option.


In Sen's Fortress, in one of the cages past Big Hat Logan. You will need the Cage Key or the Master Key first.

Two can be found Anor Londo. The first is down the huge buttress that one of the two Silver Knight Archers is on. The second is on the walkway above the Titanite Demon.

After the last invisible bridge, in front a Moonlight Butterfly, in the Crystal Cave is another.

Above the Demonic Statues area in Lost Izalith is another, which can be easy to miss.

One can be found in the last area of Tomb of the Giants, with the all the Pinwheels.

A concept drawing of Anor Londo. Lots of Gothic architecture. While the final product in game has no where near this level of detail, the inspiration is still very clear.
credit: From Software
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