image:sol_Soul_of_a_Great_Hero.png You can find two Soul of a Great Hero Lost Souls per play through. They will each grant you 20,000 Souls when consume. There is no other use for them, but technically you can feed them to Kingseeker Frampt in return for 500 Souls.


The first Great Hero Soul is located in the first area you encounter Seath, the Scaleless. You will need to defeat Seath, then re-visit this location, head up the steps on the right and then head right.

The other Soul of a Great Hero can be found in the ruins that sit amongst the Bounding Demons and lava of Lost Izalith. From the Bonfire after the Centipede Demon, the first partial ruin in the centre of the lava is where you will find this Soul.

Seath the Scaleless. Be sure to wear a Rare Ring of Sacrifice the first time you encounter him in the Duke's Archives. You can not win this fight, so don't even try.
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