A recurring character (NPC) that you can summon for a few Boss fights and can also grant you access to the Warrior of Sunlight covenant.

Interaction and Quest

Skipping a step or performing the following actions out-of-order may lead to unreliable results and different outcomes. Steps with (optional) after them are confirmed optional steps for the final fight summoning.

  1. Talk to Solaire of Astora just after the Taurus Demon in Undead Burg. He will give you the White Sign Soapstone.
  2. Just before the fog gate for the Belfry Gargoyles in Undead Parish he can be summoned.
  3. Can be summoned for the Gaping Dragon fight in Depths. Sign is on the second floor area before the final fog gate.
  4. In Anor Londo, Solaire can be found sitting at the Bonfire after the Silver Knights with Dragonslayer Greatbows.
  5. Can be summoned to help fight Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. His sign is below the Silver Knight Archer before the fog gate. (optional)
  6. Near the Bonfire, under the Hellkite Wyvern in Undead Burg you can find Solaire. If you have a Faith level of 25 or you have help defeat 3 or 4 Bosses after being summoned in co-op, then you will be asked if you want to join the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. You do not need to join the covenant.
At this point things get a little more complex and unreliable:
  1. Join the Chaos Servant Covenant, then enter Demon Ruins and defeat the Demon Firesage.
  2. Head down in Demon Ruins and summon Solaire just before the Centipede Demon gate.
  3. After the Centipede Demon defeat, follow the lava on the left to the Bonfire but do not go forward into Lost Izalith. Solaire is on the ground.
  4. Reach level +2 in the Chaos Servant Covenant. Unlock the shortcut between Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith AND kill the special Chaos Bug. The shortcut is to the right of where the Demon Firesage fog gate was.
  5. Walk up onto the bridge, kill the Crystal Lizard then revisit the Chaos Bug area and Solaire should be sitting on the ground. Don't shoot him! He is sitting right next to one of the bugs.
  6. If Solaire never went Hollow, a summoning sign should now appear at the top of the stairs that curve down to the final battle.

If you enter Lost Izalith the other way, or use the shortcut but do not kill the special Chaos Bug, Solaire will turn hollow and will attack you.

If you did not summon Solaire for the Centipede Demon, but did everything else, his summoning sign does not appear for the final fight.

Solaire of Astora being summoned.
credit: From Software
Gone Hollow

Entering Lost Izalith the long way will send Solaire Hollow in the Chaos Bug area and he will attack you.

If Killed...

Possible Encounters
Possible Summonings

If Solaire survives any Boss fights after being summoned, he will give you a Sunlight Medal. You must be in Human form to summon him.

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A developer or promo shot of Solaire of Astora outside Sen's Fortress. Solaire never appears here during the final game.
credit: From Software
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