Located in the Northern Undead Asylum between the exit doors and the pick-up point. Snuggly has a nest on the ledge and is more of a trader than a merchant. You never see her, just her nest.

Snuggly will only swap one item for another and only once per play through. The list of items swapped is a fixed list as well - think of her as fussy.

While it is possible to trade with Snuggly during the Tutorial, there are only a few items you could have at this point that she is willing to trade.

How to Trade

As you approach, Snuggly will start to talk. Walk into her nest. Locate the item in your inventory that you wish to drop. Select the Drop option and walk away from the nest to a safe point.

You can now either jump of the ledge (and restart from the Bonfire) or quit and restart the game. After that weird part, go back into the nest and collect your swapped item.

To receive... ...drop this
image:wpn_Demon_s_Great_Hammer_tran.png Demon's Great Hammer image:arm_Sack_tran.png Sack
image:ore_Demon_Titanite_tran.png Demon Titanite image:itm_Dung_Pie_tran.png Dung Pie
image:ore_Demon_Titanite_tran.png Demon Titanite image:itm_Prism_Stone_tran.png Prism Stone
image:itm_Divine_Blessing_tran.png Divine Blessing x2 image:rng_Ring_of_the_Sun_Princess_tran.png Ring of the Sun Princess
image:ore_Dragon_Scale_tran.png Dragon Scale image:itm_Egg_Vermifuge_tran.png Egg Vermifuge
image:rng_Old_Witch_s_Ring_tran.png Old Witch's Ring image:arm_Sunlight_Maggot_tran.png Sunlight Maggot
image:itm_Purging_Stone_tran.png Purging Stone x2 image:pvp_Cracked_Red_Eye_Orb_tran.png Cracked Red Eye Orb
image:rng_Rare_Ring_of_Sacrifice_tran.png Rare Ring of Sacrifice image:itm_Twin_Humanities_tran.png Twin Humanities
image:ore_Red_Titanite_Chunk_tran.png Red Titanite Chunk image:pyr_Pyromancy_Flame_tran.png Pyromancy Flame
image:ore_Red_Titanite_Slab_tran.png Red Titanite Slab image:pyr_Pyromancy_Flame_tran.png Ascended Pyromancy Flame
See note
image:rng_Ring_of_Favor_and_Protection_tran.png Ring of Favor and Protection image:arm_Xanthous_Crown_tran.png Xanthous Crown
image:rng_Ring_of_Fog_tran.png Ring of Fog image:wpn_Skull_Lantern_tran.png Skull Lantern
image:rng_Ring_of_Sacrifice_tran.png Ring of Sacrifice image:itm_Humanity_tran.png Humanity
image:pvp_Souvenir_of_Reprisal_tran.png Souvenir of Reprisal image:itm_Pendant_tran.png Pendant
image:ore_Titanite_Chunk_tran.png Titanite Chunk image:itm_Rubbish_tran.png Rubbish
image:ore_Twinkling_Titanite_tran.png Twinkling Titanite image:itm_Bloodred_Moss_Clump_tran.png Bloodred Moss Clump
image:ore_Twinkling_Titanite_tran.png Twinkling Titanite x2 image:itm_Blooming_Purple_Moss_Clump_tran.png Blooming Purple Moss Clump
image:ore_Twinkling_Titanite_tran.png Twinkling Titanite image:itm_Purple_Moss_Clump_tran.png Purple Moss Clump
image:ore_White_Titanite_Chunk_tran.png White Titanite Chunk image:pvp_Sunlight_Medal_tran.png Sunlight Medal

Ascended Pyromancy Flame note: Snuggly will not accept an Ascended Pyromancy Flame if it has a + level.

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