image:wpn_Skull_Lantern_tran.png The Skull Lantern is pretty much a must have item for the Tomb of the Giants. Without it, you are going to be moving extremely slowly.

The Skull Lantern is held like a shield and takes up a weapon slot. It can even be used as a weapon, but is really just a light. Place the Lantern in one of your left hand slots to use it correctly. In your right hand it is only used as a weapon and will do mostly fire based damaged.

Where to get it

The Necromancers in The Catacombs often drop one, which is nice because you will have one before you head into the Tomb of the Giants.

However, if you are unlucky enough to not get one from a Necromancer, don't worry. A short way into the Tomb of the Giants you will meet Patches. Follow Patches instructions and head into the pit. One of the three corpses has a Skull Lantern to be picked up.

The Skull Lantern being held. When used in place of the shield, will cast a nice bright light that will show your the way forward.
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