image:wpn_short_bow.pngFor most player classes, you do not have a ranged weapon to start with. The Short Bow is the first bow you can pick-up after landing at Firelink Shrine. The Bow favours Dexterity focused players, but for the early game, any Bow will help a lot.

As a bow is two-handed, the requirements for use are approximately 50% less. This means anyone should be able to handle a this bow.

Where to get one

Head into the Undead Burg and locate the Undead Male Merchant, a short distance from the Bonfire. He will sell you one for a 1,000 Souls as well as a collection of Arrows to go with it.

The Undead Solider and Skeleton Archers both drop them from time to time, but it can be a lot quicker to just buy one.

The Hunter player class. Starts with a Short Sword, Short Bow and Leathers.
credit: From Software
Weapon Statistics

Base level:

Difference at +15 (Normal) :

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