image:rng_Ring_of_Fog_tran.png Turns the player almost completely transparent. This allows you to get much closer to an enemy before they notice you. Many aggressive enemies will also become clam much quicker when you walk out of range.

Extremely useful for a lot of encounters. When used in conjunction with a decent Bow, you can quickly clear an area of the lower level enemies in moments. A few examples. The Giant Mosquito in Blighttown will hassle you no more (almost). Most of the Painted World of Ariamis becomes a walk in the snow.

How to get one

There are two ways to get a Ring of Fog. You can join the Forest Hunter Covenant. Once you have taken out 3 Invaders, speak with Alvina to receive one. You do not have to land the killing blow but you may have to talk to her more than once.

The second way is to trade a Skull Lantern with Snuggly the Crow.

Patrolling Darkroot Garden. The job of a Forest Hunter Covenant member.
credit: From Software
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