image:pvp_orange_guidance_tran.pngThe Orange Guidance Soapstone is used to write (or leave) messages and to view and rate other players messages while playing online. You only need 1 Orange Guidance Soapstone, it is a re-usable item.

The Undead Male Merchant in Undead Burg will sell it to you for 100 Souls and will also drop it if you kill him (and did not buy it).

If you find another players message helpful it is a good idea to give the message a positive rating. Doing so will grant that player 1 Humanity.

You do not need to select this item to use it when rating a message. Simply read a message then push the Select (PS3) or Back (Xbox 360) button on your controller.

Solaire of Astora being summoned.
credit: From Software
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