image:key_Master_Key.png An unusual game feature is the Master Key. This item can be purchased during the game, is given to the Thief class, and can also be selected as a Starting Gift.

The Master Key allows for six doors to be unlocked without the need to locate the other key that unlocks them. This can save a heap of time if you are building up an online character (as you can skip parts). If you are new to the game, it is best to not skip these areas, at least at first.

Doors unlocked

The Thief Class, starts with Master Key, Bandit's Knife, Target Shield and a set of Black Leather Armor.
credit: From Software
Interesting notes

While the Master Key can be used in place of the Residence Key and the Cage Key, it can not be used in all locations that these other keys can.

For example, the Residence Key is used to free Griggs of Vinheim, but the Master Key will not open that door.

Similarly, the Cage Key or the Master Key can be used to free Big Hat Logan, but only the Cage Key will work on the cage elevator at the top of Sen's Fortress.

It is possible for a Thief to select the Master Key as a Starting Gift. Which means, a Thief can have two sets of keys - not very practical.

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