Kirk, Knight of Thorns is a Black Phantom NPC who will invade your game at three possible locations. These are Depths, Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith. As with all invasions, you must be in human form and the area Demon must still be alive.

Invasion points and details

With each defeat there is a chance drop of Spiked Shield or Barbed Straight Sword (or both). You will also pick up Humanity and some Souls.

Kirk, Knight of Thorns in New Londo Ruins. A promotion image for Dark Souls as Kirk never appears in New Londo Ruins.
credit: From Software
Armor of Thorns

If you defeat him at all three locations, head to the dead-end area just past the Chaos Servant Covenant Bonfire and you should find an Armor of Thorns set.


Kirk, Knight of Thorns will not invade if an invasion is already taking place.

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