Spoiler: The following contains a significant amount of information that may spoil the story for some people.

Kingseeker Frampt is one of two Primordial Serpents that the player can interact with. After ringing one of the two bells, Kingseeker Frampt can be heard snoring in the ruins at Firelink Shrine.

Once you have rung the second bell, he will appear in the ruins and kind-of guide you in what to do next.

You may find Kingseeker Frampt asleep when returning to Firelink Shrine. Hitting him once with your weapon will wake him.

Disappearing Frampt

You can not kill Kingseeker Frampt, but he will disappear if you continue to attack him. Frampt will also disappear if you side with the other Primordial Serpent, Darkstalker Kaathe. If this does happen, you can still continue your quest by jumping down his hole.

Primordial Serpent concept drawing. There are two of these NPCs in the game that the player can interact with. Both will affect your game in different ways.
credit: From Software
Feeding Frampt

Possibly the best use for Kingseeker Frampt is the fact you can feed him almost anything in return for Souls. Great for cleaning out your inventory.

He can also break down Titanite into lower grade Titanite. For example, a single Titanite Chunk can be broken into 3 Large Titanite Shards.

The following table highlights some of the better items that are worth feeding to Frampt.

Item to feed Souls received Notes
image:sol_Soul_of_a_Lost_Undead.png Standard Lost Souls 500 Souls See note below
image:sol_Boss_Soul.png Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly 8,000 If you consume: 1,200 Souls
image:sol_Boss_Soul.png Soul of Quelaag 10,000 If you consume: 8,000 Souls
image:sol_Boss_Soul.png Soul of Priscilla 15,000 If you consume: 12,000 Souls
image:sol_Boss_Soul.png Soul of Gwyndolin 20,000 If you consume: 16,000 Souls
image:itm_Gold_Coin.png Gold Coin 5,000 There is no other use for this item
image:itm_Silver_Coin.png Silver Coin 3,000 There is no other use for this item
image:itm_Copper_Coin.png Copper Coin 1,000 There is no other use for this item
image:ore_Dragon_Scale_tran.png Dragon weapons 5,000 Any weapon that can be upgraded with Dragon Scale.
Standard Lost Soul notes

The Soul of a Lost Undead and the Large Soul of a Lost Undead are the only two basic Souls worth feeding. All others will return more if you consume them yourself.

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