image:sol_Fire_Keeper_Soul.png A few of the Bonfires are looked after by a Fire Keeper. These are Anastacia of Astora at Firelink Shrine, the Fair Lady in Quelaag's Domain or Lady of the Darkling in Anor Londo.

If you have a Fire Keeper Soul, you can give it to any of the Keepers and they will increase your Estus Flask strength by +1, up to a maximum of +7.

Once you have reached +7 on the Estus Flask, you can consume a Fire Keeper Soul in return for +5 Humanity and full health.

Technically, you can consume the Fire Keeper Souls at any time, but it is not worth doing this until you are at +7 on your Estus Flask.

You can carry one of each of the 7 unique Fire Keeper Souls in your Bottomless Box and one of each in your inventory for a total of 14 Souls in total.

A few of the descriptions make it clear which Soul you are carrying, but a few of them have a generic description.

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Anastacia of Astora in Firelink Shrine. A promotional screenshot as she appears in game below the Bonfire.
credit: From Software
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