Personal assistant of the Fair Lady, Quelaag's Sister, leader of the Chaos Servant Covenant. He is covered in parasitic eggs and you need to either answer yes to his question or kill him to pass. He can be handy to have around, sells a few items and can Reinforce Pyromancy Flame to level 15.

Locating Eingyi

After you have defeated Chaos Witch Quelaag and rang the bell, proceed down below the leaver. One of the walls is an illusion and will disappear when hit. Blocking your path is Eingyi.

Befriending Eingyi

If you are not infected with a parasite from an Egg Carrier, Eingyi is civil, but nothing more to you. Once you are infected however, he becomes a lot more welcoming and will offer you an Egg Vermifuge, which will remove the parasite. If you want another, he will sell it for 500 Souls. Eingyi will now sell you the Pyromancies Poison Mist (10,000 Souls) and Toxic Mist (25,000 Souls) as well.

After Eingyi has warmed to you, more of his back story can be discovered through the Talk option. With an Intelligence of 12 or more, Eingyi will even offer his Pyromancy Flame to use.

If you manage to get your hands on the Old Witch's Ring and talk to the Fair Lady, Eingyi's dialog will change again.

Eingyi stands watch over the Chaos Servant Covenant and the Fair Lady, the covenant leader.
If Killed

Eingyi will drop Egg Vermifuge (x2). You are still able to join the Chaos Servant Covenant.

Items / Reinforcement

Once you have been infected:

With Intelligence at 12 or more:

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