Found on the shore of Darkroot Basin is the summoning sign for Dusk of Oolacille, if you do a few things first.

Defeat the Hydra, head towards the waterfall and follow the edge of the water towards the far end. A Golden Crystal Golem should appear in the water. If it does not, either rest at a Bonfire or quit and reload your game.

Defeat the Golem and Dusk of Oolacille will appear and have a chat. Answer Yes to her question. If you say No, Dusk will thank you but no summoning sign will appear.

Head back to the shore near where you fought the Hydra and her sign will appear. You do not need to be human to see it. Again, if it is not there rest at a Bonfire and try again.

Dusk of Oolacille will sell some slightly different style spells and a very good early game Catalyst. She will also teach the gesture Proper Bow.

The Antiquated Set

After you have summoned Dusk of Oolacille, the Antiquated Set can be found in the cave close to where the you fought the Golden Crystal Golem. If it is not there, rest at a Bonfire and try again.

Dusk of Oolacille summoned on the shore of Darkroot Basin has a sad story to tell and sell few nice spells.
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