image:pvp_dried_finger_tran.pngFound in Painted World of Ariamis is the online item Dried Finger. The in-game description says nothing about how or what this item does.

Basically, if you use Dried Finger after being invaded there is more of a chance you will be invaded again. It is also highly possible it would be the same person. Normally the person who just invaded will be placed at the end of a queue.

This is a re-usable item. It does not disappear when used. It can also not be dropped.

A second pick-up is buggy

To pick up a second Dried Finger, you will need to place your first in the Bottomless Box. However, this will create a minor game-play issue as you are not able to drop Dried Finger.

You can still use the item in your inventory but the one now in your Bottomless Box is stuck and can not be removed.

Kirk, Knight of Thorns in New Londo Ruins. A promotion image for Dark Souls as Kirk never appears in New Londo Ruins.
credit: From Software
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