Leaving Undead Parish, past Andre of Astora, you will enter Darkroot Garden. A moist, dark place with a thick forest atmosphere. The area is a collection of smaller forest areas. There are two Boss fights and a hidden Bonfire. The Forest Hunter Covenant is also located in Darkroot Garden.

Moonlight Butterfly Area

Your first enemy encounters are some Demonic Foliage. Further along you will notice a large sealed door. To enter, you will need to purchase the Crest of Artorias from Blacksmith Andre (for 20,000 Souls) or enter from the Darkroot Basin side.

To the left of the sealed door is a hidden Bonfire, hit the walls to unlock it. To the right is the main path to the Moonlight Butterfly, the first Boss in the garden. In this area are some Giant Stone Knights, two Tree Lizards and more Demonic Foliage.

At the base of some ruins with stairs, you can find the summoning sign for Witch Beatrice (if you are in human form). Up the stairs is the Moonlight Butterfly battle. Beyond here is a tower that leads to the Divine Ember and the Watchtower Basement Key.

Hidden Area

In the area with the Giant Stone Knights, there are a few trees that move. One of them blocks a path that will eventually lead to the Wolf Ring. Along the way you will encounter a few Frog-Ray creatures.

From the Wolf Ring location, you can jump across the gap and end up back on the main path.

Forest Hunter Area

Beyond the sealed door, or up the ladder from Darkroot Basin, is the home of the Forest Hunter Covenant. Playing online and in Human makes this area very difficult as players from the Covenant, at any Soul Level will join your game. As a Hollow, this area can still be a little tough.

A number of the different class enemies roam here, many wearing a Ring of Fog. An Archer called Pharis and two Knights do not respawn, but the others will.

In small building sits a large cat like creature called Alvina. Talk to her and answer yes to enter the Forest Hunter Covenant.

Deeper into the forest is the Enchanted Ember guarded by two Mushroom People. Near by are three Great Felines that do not respawn, thankfully.

The light you can see across a bridge leads to the final area where you battle Sif, the Great Grey Wolf and also the Hornet Ring.

A Bandit fighting one of the Great Felines in Darkroot Garden.
credit: From Software
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Sif, the Great Grey Wolf. The guardian of the grave of Sir Artorias, the Abysswalker.
credit: From Software
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