image:pvp_Cracked_Red_Eye_Orb_tran.png This consumable item can only be used when in Human form and will allow you to invade the game world of another player.

The player you invade must also be in Human form and have not defeat the area Boss. If you defeat the player you have invaded, the Cracked Red Eye Orb is consumed and you will gain 1 Humanity. If the person you invade defeats you however, they will be able to collect 1 Humanity from your Bloodstain but the Cracked Red Eye Orb will be able to be used again.

Invasion Notes

The person you invade could have a Soul Level around 10% less than your own or anything above. This means you could be up against someone well above your Soul Level.

Although this online gameplay item is mostly used by Darkwraith Covenant members, you do not need to be in this Covenant to use the Cracked Red Eye Orb. If you join the Darkwraiths and reach level +1 you will be given a Red Eye Orb which is not consumed.

A Black Phantom waits to ambush a player. Black Phantoms are people or an NPC which can invade your game while you are in Human Form.
credit: From Software
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