image:wpn_chaos_blade_tran.pngMade from the Soul of Quelaag and a +10 Katana by the Giant Blacksmith. The Chaos Blade is one of the Rare Weapons. The Soul of Quelaag can also be used to create Quelaag's Furysword.

Like standard Chaos Weapons, the Chaos Blade will grant a Damage Bonus that will scale with your Humanity level (up to 10), however the Chaos Blade is scaled with Physical not Fire damage.

While the base level values do not seem very strong, if you have 10 Humanity and 50 Dexterity, the weapon deals 455 Damage. However, the weapon will also inflict a percentage of damage to the player when the blade connects with an enemy. Backstabs are exempt from this.

The Chaos Blade suits Dexterity focus player builds with its strong scaling bonus.

Construction and Upgrade

While any Normal +10 Katana can be converted into the Chaos Blade, the Iaito is a better choice than an Uchigatana and much cheaper than the Washing Pole.

The Chaos Blade can be upgraded with Demon Titanite by the Giant Blacksmith to +5. A full upgrade will cost 50,000 Souls and 10x Demon Titanite. Each upgrade step will increase the physical damage and a slight bump to the scaling bonus.

The Chaos Blade, made from Soul of Quelaag and a +10 Katana.
Weapon Statistics

Base level:

Difference at +5 (Demon) :


You can recover about 30 HP by wearing the Ring of the Evil Eye while using the Chaos Blade. For low-level enemies this is often more than what you have lost.

Weapon statistics at full ascension
The Chaos Blade includes a constant 300 Bleed at all upgrade steps.
Ascension Attributes Notes
image:ore_Demon_Titanite_tran.png Demon (+5) 216 (Phys)
Bonus: B (Dex), Humanity
Physical damage increases with Humanity up to 10. Unlike other Chaos weapons the Humanity scaling is purely against Physical.
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