image:itm_Bloodred_Moss_Clump_tran.png One of the three moss items found over Lordran. The main use of Bloodred Moss Clump is to reduce the build-up of Bleed.

When you are attacked by certain weapons a bleed status bar will appear. If the bar completely fills up, you will lose a large amount of health. The amount lost will depend on the weapon used.

The Bloodred Moss Clump must be used before the status bar is full and will reduce the bleed status level to zero again.

Where to find it

The Undead Female Merchant will sell you as many as you like for 300 Souls each. You can farm all three moss types from the Demonic Foliage in Darkroot Garden.

Undead Female Merchant in Undead Burg likes her Moss and bars.
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