A dead end in the game world is Ash Lake. Located at the bottom of The Great Hollow and consists of a number of interesting things. As you emerge from your descent, a Bonfire waits for you on the right and it is highly advisable to light and rest here before continuing along the shore.

A short walk from the Bonfire you will encounter a Hydra (drops Dragon Scale x2). The Ring of Fog will allow you to slip by unnoticed. Alternatively, fighting with ranged attacks from a large hollow piece of driftwood works well but not as exciting has melee on the shoreline.

Further along the sands are two Man-Eater Shells. They look like Giant Clams with 5 legs. After these is a small hollow with a few Basilisk and a large Mushroom Person.

On a ledge in this small hollow is the Great Magic Barrier, a defensive spell. To reach it you have to go outside and around the back. Below where a Basilisk sits on the outside path is a hollow that you can drop down to. This will take you to the spell.

Even further along is another Man Eater Shell, then the path thins out. Keep following the path for another Bonfire and the Everlasting Dragon. Talk to the Dragon to enter the Path of the Dragon Covenant. Cut the tail off for the Dragon Greatsword. Also, this is one NPC you can not kill.

The Bonfire in front of the Everlasting Dragon is one accessible after you have the Lordvessel (and have visited before).


Siegmeyer and Sieglinde of Catarina will appear near the first Bonfire if you have followed certain paths in this side quest.

A Man-Easter Shell on the shore of Ash Lake. Chance drops are Twinkling Titanite or Purging Stone.
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