There are two Hydra's to be found in Lordran. One can be found in Darkroot Basin. The other is in Ash Lake. Once defeated they will both drop two Dragon Scale and a number of Souls.


The most enjoyable way to fight the Hydra is melee. Pack your weapon of choice and best shield. Make sure you also include some kind of ranged attack weapon too.

Head to the shoreline and dodge the Hydra's range attack. Once on the shore the Hydra will attack with its heads. Block these, then attack. The Hydras heads should start to come off.

Once the Hydra is down to a few heads it can be a little difficult to finish the beast off. Not because things get harder, simply because there is less to attack! This is where your range attack weapon comes in handy. Target the Hydra and let loose your attack.

Pyromancies like Great Fireball and Great Combustion also work very well against the Hydra in melee.

The Hydra in Ash Lake at the start of a ranged attack. Best to get a lot closer to the shoreline and engage in a melee.
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