image:try_Crystal_Weapon.png Converting a weapon to the Crystal path is something you need to consider carefully. Once ascended, the weapon:

The damage level of a Crystal weapon at +4 is higher than a matching Normal Ascension +15 weapon, but you must consider how much use you get from a weapon that can not be repaired.

Reinforcement and Ascension Materials

Ascension is performed by the Giant Blacksmith after you have given him the Crystal Ember. Conversion starts from a Normal +10 Weapon.

To reach +5 requires 8x Titanite Chunk and a Titanite Slab.

The Giant Blacksmith, found in Anor Londo. Sells a number of high-end items and can do some real nice work on your weapons too.
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Not to be confused with

Weapons ascended along the Crystal path are not the same as those sold by Domhnall of Zena. Think of the ones sold by Domhnall as simply weapons with crystal in their name, but they also can also not be repaired.

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