Located in the lower section of Undead Burg is the first Capra Demon. He wields two Demon Great Machetes and has a few Undead Attack Dogs as company. The area is tight and he will attack fast.

A heap more can be found in Demon Ruins, but are easier to defeat due to the open area, no dogs and you will have better equipment by then. Hit them with an arrow to fight them one at a time.


The Capra Demon in Undead Burg can be a little tough at first, but easy once you know a few things.

From this small ledge, defeat the dogs and plan your attacks on the Demon. You can still take damage on the ledge, but you are in the safest spot. You can sometimes perform a drop attack on the Capra Demon from this ledge.

Once defeated you will be granted the Key to Depths.

Capra Demon in the lower area of Undead Burg. This mean guy has a few dogs for support and will hit you as you enter the area - Shields up!
credit: juras.imgur.com

Capra Demon. Found in Demon Ruins.
credit: juras.imgur.com
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